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how to fix security bug of slider (security breach of theme)

3329 04 September 2019

Hi everyone

My team found a security bug with slider module, I will let you know how to update slider module on your site


1. For Prestashop 1.6, unless some very old themes, almost 1.6 theme you can download

if your module slider is very old version, it will has name folder is modules/jmssliderlayer, please download

2. For Prestashop 1.7, slider has 2 versions. Open modules/jmsslider folder, if you don't see ajax_sliderchoice.php, please download, if you see ajax_sliderchoice.php, please download


After downloading, backup current modules/jmsslider folder, please unzip file,  then copy overwrite to modules/jmsslider folder.


if you still have problem, please contact us for getting support


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