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JMS Colors for Virtuemart package

Step 1

Download package then unzip, you will have a component and a plugin.

Please install component and plugin as normal, then go to plugin manager for enabling VMCustom - JmsColor plugin.

Step 2

How to set up colors,prices for product:

Login backend, edit product you want, upload all images you have for this product, you can buy JMS multi images upload for Virtuemart plugin, it allows you to upload multi images for each product at same time

For each color you want to use, please male a icon for it, upload to administrator/components/com_jmsvmcustom/assets/color_icons folder

Go to JMS-VM-Customize -> Colors. It has 4 default colors, u can create more, edit current or delete them as you want

JMS Colors for Virtuemart

Go to Virtuemart-> Product tab, choose Custom fields, add new custom field with name "Choose Color"( or what name you like), choose Type field is plugins, choose Yes for Cart Attribute field, and choose VMcustom - JMS color for Select a plug-in field, click Save

JMS Colors for Virtuemart - custom field setting

Go to product you want to add colors, choose Custom fields tab. Each time you click on Choose color from drop down list of Custom Field Type, system will add a color for you to this product, please choose color from list.

JMS Colors for Virtuemart - add colors to product

Now please go to JMS-VM-Customize -> Products, choose product what you just added colors for editting

JMS Colors for Virtuemart - add images to each color

You can add images and set addon price for each color as you want

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