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JMS Kunena Users Module User guide.

Step 1

1. How to install JMS Kunena Users Module: you can read here

Step 2

2. Configure JMS Kunena Users Module:

  • Layout : name list or full list
  • Name type : username or real name
  • Filter : only online users or all
  • Show Avatar: show avatar of user or not
  • Show username : show username or not
  • Show rank : show rank or not
  • Show social : show social of user or not
  • Show/Hide post count: show or hide post count
  • Show thank count: show thank count or not
  • Order by : latest, top posts, top thanks or alphabetical
  • Count : count of users display
  • Users per slide : number of users each slide
JMS Kunena Users Modules

You can use any JMS Kunena users modules on one page, check demo here