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JMS Mega menu

Step 1

How to install JMS Mega menu package: Please download package, then unzip it, you will have a module and a plugin. You can install plugin as here and install module as here

Step 2

How to use JMS Mega menu:

For plugin: please enable it

For module: please enable module, choose position for it and configure parameters as below

  • Select Menu: Select menu system for this mega menu
  • Menu activate Event: have 2 options are hover and click
  • Open speed: Speed for open mega menu
  • Close speed: Speed for close mega menu
JMS Mega menu module setting

For menu, JMS Mega menu plugin add a tab with any parameters as below:

  • Show title: Options for showing title
  • Description: Description of menu item
  • Submenu columns: Count of columns for submenu of this item
  • Submenus column width:Set default width for each submenu column
  • Width: Set width for this menu item, if this item is submenu, system will use this width instead of submenu witdh(what configured in parent item)
  • Addition class: addition class for this menu item
  • Group: Highlight this menu item or not
  • Subcontent: Choose type of subcontent of this menu item
  • Select modules: Choose modules you want if you choose Module for Subcontent param
  • Select positions: Choose positions you want if you choose position for Subcontent param
JMS Mega menu setting

How to create menu like demo

Demo JMS Mega menu

Main menu items with 3 columns submenu.

JMS Mega menu module

Create new menu item, title is "Lorem ipsum dolor",go to Advanced tab

JMS Mega menu module

Then click on Menu Params (Joommasters), you will see like below

JMS Mega menu module

Set Submenu Columns is 3, Submenus column Width is 200 (you can change 200 as you want)

Then we can create submenu items, first item is "Custom module with image"

JMS Mega menu module

Set Submenu Columns is 1, Subcontent is Module Position, Select positions is megamenu1 ( have to create a custom module at megameu1 position before).

Second submenu item, make same first submenu item, but Select positions is megamenu2 and assign a menu module to megamenu2 position.

Third submenu item, make same 2 item above, but Select positions is megamenu3 and assign a custom module to megamenu3 position.

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