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JMS Product scroller for Redshop

Step 1

How to install JMS Product scroller for Redshop module: you can read here

Step 2

Configure JMS Product scroller for Redshop module:

  • Source : choose source of product
  • Categories's ID : fill categories's id if you choose From selected categories on Source parameter above
  • Total Product : total products will display
  • Slide Step : count product each step
  • Thumbnail Height : height of thumbnail in pixel
  • Thumbnail Width : width of thumbnail in pixel
  • Slide Height : height of slide in pixel
  • Slide Width : width of slide in pixel
  • Duration : speed of slides in miliseconds
  • Auto Play : set slides auto play or not
  • Order : select order for display products
  • Readmore Text : you can change readmore text here
  • Module Class Suffix : module class suffix

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