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JMS Responsive menu

Step 1

How to install JMS Responsive menu: Please download package, you can install module as normal here

Step 2

How to use JMS Responsive menu:

Please go to Modules manager, enable and configure JMS Responsive menu

  • Menu type: Select menu type for this responsive menu
  • Mobile menu: Select type for mobile menu : Dropdown, Off-canvas, Select Box
  • Mobile width(px): Set width this responsive menu change to mobile mode
  • Desktop menu: Turn on/off menu for desktop when width is bigger than mobile width above
  • Load Jquery: Load Jquery or not
  • Start level: Start level of menu
  • End level: End level of menu
  • Show all children: Show all children or not
JMS responsive menu module setting

Dropdown setting : setting for dropdown mobile type

  • Dropdown duration: duration of dropdown menu on mobile
JMS Responsive menu dropdown type

Off-canvas setting : setting for Off-canvas mobile type

  • Off-canvas Duration: duration of Off-canvas on mobile
  • Direction: select direction for Off-canvas: left or right
JMS Responsive menu off-canvas type