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JMS Rich Snippets for Virtuemart plugin

Step 1

Download package , you will have a plugin.

You install plugin as normal, then enable it.

Step 2

How to use JMS Rich snippets for Virtuemart custom Plugin:

Go to Virtuemart component, then go to Custom fiels list, creat new with: Custom Field Type field is Plug-ins, Title field is "JMS Rich snippets" , and Select a plug-in field is JMS Rich snippets for Virtuemart, other fields as default. Then click Save button for saving this custom field.

Edit a product, then go to Custom fields tab, you will see "Custom Field Type:" . Click on select list, then choose "JMS Rich snippets", you will see that it adds JMS Rich snippets custom field to your product, click Save button.

JMS Rich snippets for Virtuemart custom plugin

After all, you can check your product at frontend