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JMS Slideshow Pro

Step 1

How to install JMS Slideshow Pro module: you can read here

Step 2

Configure JMS Slideshow Pro module:

Module has 3 options: Joomla categories, K2 categories and Images

If you choose Images ,click button "Add slide" to addding slides for slideshow

  • Select image : Select image for slide
  • Caption : caption of slide
  • Link : link of slide
JMS Camera Slideshow module

If you choose Joomla categories:

  • Joomla Categories : Select categories you want to get articles
JMS Slideshow Pro module

If you choose Joomla categories:

  • K2 Categories : Select categories you want to get contents
JMS Slideshow Pro module
  • Slide width: width for slideshow
  • Slide height : height for slideshow
  • Delay time : delay tmei
  • Slide speed : slide speed
  • Pause when hover : pause when hover
  • Check image exist : Check image exist
  • Loader : choose loader type
  • Loader Pie Size : Loader Pie Size
  • Loader Bar Position : Loader Bar Position
  • Loader Opacity : Loader Opacity
  • Navigation : Navigation
  • Show navigation when hover : Show navigation when hover
  • Play/Pause Button : Play/Pause Button
  • Pause On Click : Pause On Click
  • Effect : Effect for sldieshow
JMS Slideshow Pro module
  • Show title : show title or not
  • Limit Title By : limit title by charaters or work
  • Title Max Chars : max bumber for title
  • Show intro text : show intro text or not
  • Limit description By : limit description by charaters or word
  • Description Max Chars : max number for description
  • Show readmore : show readmore or not
  • Grab img in fulltext : Grab img in fulltext or not
  • Open link in : open link in new window or parent window
JMS Slideshow Pro module

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