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JMS Video

Step 1

How to install JMS Video:

Unzip downloaded package, then you can install JMS Video component and modules as normal.

Step 2

How to configure JMS Video component:

Go to Components - JMS Video

JMS Video Control panel

1. Basic Setting

  • Media Folder: folder where save all files in joomla root folder
  • Thumbnail width: width of thumbnail when resize
  • Thumbnail height: height of thumbnail when resize
  • Video Per Row: number of video per row
  • Video Per Page: number of video per page
  • Media Download Enable: enable download media files
  • Social Sharing System: enable social sharing
  • Social Sharing Type: choose type of button social sharing
JMS Video Basic Setting

2. Media Player setting:

  • Player width: width of this player
  • Player height: height of this player
  • Auto play: auto play when load page or not
  • Auto resume: configure auto resume mode
JMS Video Media Player setting

2. Facebook comment:

  • Comment System Enable:enable comment system
JMS Video Facebook comment setting

Step 3

How to use JMS Video:

1. Categories management:

List categories page

JMS Video Categories

  • Category mame: name of this category
  • Ordering: choose order for this category
  • ID: this field will be auto fill by component
  • Language: select language for this category
  • Status: status of this category
  • Description: description of this category
JMS Video detail

2. User profiles:

List users page

JMS Video Users

  • Profile Name: fill name of this user
  • User: username, you can't change this field in this component
  • Email To: email of user
  • Permission: select permission you want to set for this user
  • ID: Id of this user, you can't change this field in this component
  • Language: select language for this user, default is all
  • Status: select status for this user
  • Image: select image for this user
JMS Video User detail

3. Video management:

You have a list of videos with filters and functions (add new, edit, delete, publish, unpublish)

JMS Video listing page

Edit Video:

  • Video name: name of this video
  • Category: select category of this video
  • User upload: user who uploaded this video
  • Ordering: ordering of this video
  • ID: this field will be auto fill by component
  • Hits:how many times users view this video
  • Created: date when video was created
  • Modified: date when video was modified
  • Description: description of this video
  • Featured: featured video or not
  • Status: status of this video
  • Language: select language for this video
JMS Video edit video

Media Source:

  • Video image type: select type of image video: Upload file or Image Url
  • Video image url: with type is Image Url, fille url of image
  • Upload : with type is Upload file, choose a image from your desktop
  • Source type : select source of video: Upload file, Url/Youtube link, File from folder or RTMP stream
  • Choose file : with source type is Upload file, please choose video file from your desktop for uploading
  • Url/youtube link : with source type is Url/Youtube link, fill link of video from other site or youtube link
  • Select file :width source type is File from folder, select file in list files from media/jmsvideo/tmp folder
  • RTMP url :width source type is RTMP stream, fill url of RTMP stream
JMS Video media source

Related video:

  • Related Videos :enter here related videos
JMS Video related videos

4. Rating:

Show all rating what user rated for videos

JMS Video Rating

Step 4

JMS Video modules:

1. Most Rating Videos

  • Category: select categories
  • Count: number of videos will display
JMS Video most rating module

2. Recent Videos

  • Category: select categories
  • Count: number of videos will display
  • Videos per row: select number of videos per row
  • Ordering: select type of ordering: Recent Added, Recent modified, Most view and Ordering
JMS Video Recent video module

3. Search Video

  • Search video: It is amazing module for searchign videos and user profiles,it uses ajax for searching and auto display results below search bar
JMS Video Recent video module

Step 5

JMS Video- Video Profile Creator plugin:

Plugin to automatically create video profile information for new users

  • Default Permission: set default permission for new users
  • Automatically publish the profile: auto publish profile or not
JMS Video profile creator plugin

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