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JMS Youtube for Virtuemart

Step 1

Download package , you will have a plugin.

You install plugin as normal, then enable it.

Step 2

How to use JMS Youtube for Virtuemart custom Plugin:

Go to Virtuemart component, then go to Custom fiels list, creat new with: Custom Field Type field is Plug-ins, Title field is "Embed youtube" , and Select a plug-in field is Vmcustom-JMSYoutube, other fields as default. Then click Save button for saving this custom field.

JMS youtube for Virtuemart custom plugin
  • Width: width of youtube video
  • Height: height of youtube video
  • Border width: width of border youtube video
  • Border color: color of border youtube video
  • Auto play: auto play or not
  • Related videos: related videos
  • Youtube title: show youtube title or hide
  • Control bar: show control bar or hide
  • Fade-out control bar: fade-out control bar or not
  • Progress bar color: choose color for progress bar is red or white
  • Youtheme: choose theme is dark or light

Edit a product, then go to Custom fields tab, you will see "Custom Field Type:" . Click on select list, then choose "Embed youtube", you will see that it adds embed youtube custom field to your product, click Save button.

JMS youtube for Virtuemart custom plugin
  • Show title: has many options are Show title, Custom title or No title
  • Custom title: custom title
  • Youtube video ID: ID of youtube video(not full url of youtube video)
  • Youtube description: show description of youtube video

Fill information as you want, click Save button. After all, you can check your product at frontend

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