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bao hong
bao hong
Patricio Phoenix Ticker March 23, according to the 'Daily Star' reported that Arsenal intends to offer now plays for Portugal Portuguese giants Sporting Lisbon Patricio abroad. While Sporting Lisbon recently rejected a Premier League club for 8.5 million pounds Patricio offer. Had contact with Arsenal and Manchester United before Patricio name together, the gunmen are likely to sign a new goalkeeper in the transfer market this summer. Arsenal goalkeeper Szczesny had recently been manager Arsene Wenger on the bench, fifa 16 coins the Polish goalkeeper's mental state has been questioned Wenger. According to the Portuguese media say, want to take away from Patricio Sporting Lisbon club will cost more than 8.5 million pounds transfer fee. 25-year old Patricio contract with the club will continue until 2018, this contract liquidated damages of up to 34 million pounds. Although Sporting currently facing a severe financial situation, but as they decided to ultimate team striker Vanwolf Vink sold Norwich, their financial difficulties also temporarily eased.
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