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So many people these days want to archive their hard drive or some of their files such as their movies, music, photos or else on the DVD. The way to copy these data to DVDs is using DVD rippers programs. These are available to download for both Windows 10 and Mac OS X computers.

So after researching market in the DVD software category, you'll find that there are two or three brands repeating their names across the web. These include programs by Aimersoft, Winx and some other company I couldn't remember now. It's better to open the above guide for Windows and Mac DVD rippers and check out the reviews and names in the article. That would be so informative. Instead of trying every brand in the market, free software or proprietary, you could trust our tutorial for finding the best program for ripping DVDs in the internet.

These software are available through websites such as CNET, PC World, and else. Downloading the free version of them and reading reviews are free of charge.
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