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Image Name

I have multiupload quite a while. The novelty is that Multiupload generates very long image names. They look like this: 16__1 ___ 1478102716_695.jpg, 29__1478102716_769.jpg. Previously it was so 25626356.jpg, tat is good. I have a tool that I use to manage Virtuemart Shops, i have more then one. This tool can not start with the underscore and even if a "0" is at the beginning, it has trouble and can no longer spend the image. For me these names are bad, way too long for SEO and I can not understand why always this __1___ characters, for wath?

In my shop it has only 200 items, each item has 30 to 40 pictures, tats 8000 Images with the Thumbs ar 16000. The name 56829.jpg as an example is enough, I must have written these names again. Do you have a solution.

Thanks and sorry for my english.
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