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bao hong
bao hong
around Barcelona FIFA 16 defender Alves recently there have been some understandable inconsistencies, the club and the FIFA 16 players I talk past each other. Today, this issue has been clarified. Brazilians in the beginning of the season to his contract with Barcelona in 2016, while sporting director Zubizarreta claimed that the contract to 2015. At a recent press conference Zubizarreta revealed that the club had talks with Alves, buy fifa 16 coins through communication, Alves admits the club's interpretation is correct. Soapy said that in March 2011 to discuss a new contract, Alves initially asked to join last year renewal option, but later abandoned the idea. The reason that he gave Barca asked him to accept a substantial pay cut in the last year. Alves is currently in pre-tax annual salary of 11 million euros, if the contract fails to negotiate, he will become a free agent next summer. But 32-year-old he wanted to find someone willing to assume his current salary of the club is not easy.
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