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bao hong
bao hong
Carlos Tevez (left) and Roberto Mancini of Manchester City in terms of how to live together is a problem. Nothing in the world Information Times Tevez and Mancini finally stood together, in Thursday's training, two people appeared in the training ground for the first time since the same time last year in the Champions League after the storm, and cooperation exercises. Tevez returned to Manchester, fifa 16 coins it has been conducting a separate exercise, Thursday was his first joint training with the ultimate team. Under the lens focus, 28-year-old Argentine with Mancini on the sidelines in training meet, greet and talk with, no one knows what they were saying. Tuesday, Tevez public statement of apology, which swept away the last obstacle to rejoin him. Mancini said he is willing to forgive others who, thus, making for six months of a pair of lovers went together. In training, Mancini and Carlos Tevez did not have much communication, even when it does not pass once speak to each other face to face. Obviously, although the ice broken, but the gap between the two is not completely eliminated.
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