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JMS Online Support

Step 1

How to install JMS Online Support module:

Download module, then you can install JMS Online Support module as tutorial here.

Step 2

How to configure JMS Online Support module:

1. Configure params:

  • Show Supporter Name: show supporter's name or not
  • Display Type: display with address or only icon
  • Yahoo Enable: enable Yahoo or not
  • Skype Enable: enable Skype or not
  • AIM Enable: enable AIM or not
  • MSN Enable: enable MSN or not
  • ICQ Enable: enable ICQ or not
  • Tel Enable: enable tel or not
  • Email Enable: enable email or not
JMS Online support setting

2. Add or edit a supporter information:

  • Supporter Name: fill supporter's name
  • Yahoo: yahoo id
  • Skype: skype id
  • MSN: MSN id
  • AIM: AIM id
  • ICQ: ICQ id
  • Telephone: Telephone number
  • Email: Email address
JMS Online support setting