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1. Where can I send inquiry?

Please go to this form, submit your inquiry and we will response you within 24 hours.

2. What are the payment terms?

Payment will be invoice 50% upfront, 50% on the completion of the project.

3. How long do you need to complete my project?

When we receive your requirements, we will estimate the project based on the design, functions of the project and then the quotation will be sent you accordingly with time and price.

4. Can I discuss with you directly?

Yes, you can discuss with us online by Skype (tungpscnc), yahoo (thitchomuathu) or just send us an email to the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5. How long more will you support my project after it is completed?

We will support the whole project life about bug fixes and mirror tweaks. However, in case you want to change or modify any function afterwards, the details and concerns must be discussed.

6. When can I request to reimburse?

Reimbursement shall be applied with the following conditions:

  • Before the project's initiation
  • Late delivery or handover of project in accordance with our agreement.
  • The requested functions are produced wrongly.

7. What methods do you accept for payment?

  • Paypal
  • Moneybooker
  • Wire bank transfer.
  • Western Union.