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JMS Music tutorial for Joomla 2.5

Step 1

How to install JMS Music:

Unzip downloaded package, then you can install JMS music component and modules as normal.

Step 2

How to configure JMS Music component:

1. General setting:list

  • File folder: folder where save all file mp3 in joomla folder
  • Auto resize image: auto resize image or not
  • Image height: height of image when resize
  • Image width: width of image when resize
  • Bit rate: Bit Rate Array, seperate by comma(,)
  • Enable playlist rating: enable rating for playlist or not
  • Enable playlist comment: enable comment on playlist or not
  • Enable song rating: enable rating for song or not
  • Enable song comment: enable comment for song or not
  • Enable song download: enable download song on front-end or not
  • Upload type: choose type for uploading: flash upload or regular upload
JMS Music General setting

2. Player setting:

  • Player width: width of player
  • Player height: height of player
  • Auto play: auto play when load page or not
  • Auto resume: auto resume
JMS Music Player setting

2. Email setting:

  • Music store name: name of music store
  • Admin email: email of admin
  • Email subject: subject of email
  • Email content: Email content send to user when their songs submited.
JMS Music Email setting

Step 3

How to use JMS Music:

1. Categories management:

  • Name: name of category
  • Description: description of category
  • State: publish or not

2. Artist management:

  • Name: name of artist
  • Description: description of artist
  • State: publish or not
  • Image: image of artist

3. Playlist management:

  • Name: name of playlist
  • Featured: featured or not
  • Description: description of artist
  • Created date: created date of playlist
  • State: publish or not
  • Image: image of playlist

4. Files management:

When you go to files management, you will see list of files what have assigned to any songs. Below it, we have a input field where we can upload mp3 files (browse file then click submit), component auto change name of file what we uploaded. On list unassigned files, we can click on Creat song link to go directly to create new song page with this mp3 file.

5. Song management:

General info:

  • Name: name of song
  • Created by: user who creatd song
  • Category: category of song
  • Playlist: playlist of song
  • Author: author of song
  • Description: description of song
  • Lyric: lyric of song
  • State: publish or not

Other info:

  • Upload file: upload file for this song
  • Unassign File: choose uploaded files for song
  • Created date: created date
  • Modified date: modified date
  • View: count view of song
  • Bit rate: bit rate of song

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