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JMS Fashion

I. Install JMS Fashion quickstart package

Download quickstart package, unzip it in folder where you want to put your site on server, then install it as tutorial here.

II. Install JMS Fashion theme for current site:

Download JMS Fashion theme, then install it as tutorial here

III. Configure modules of theme:

JMS Fashion theme included many modules: Jms Custom Html Footer, Jms Custom Html Top, Jms Drop MegaMenu, Jms New Products Scroller, Jms Setting, Jms Slideshow, Jms Social Links.

1. Configure JMS Setting

  • Theme skin: Choose skin for theme
  • Theme width: Fill with of theme in pixel
  • Theme Layout: Choose layout for theme
  • Responsive: Enable or Disable responsive mode
  • Setting Demo Panel: Show or Hide setting panel at front end
JMS setting

Great part of JMS Setting module is you can drag modules on left side and drop into hooks on right side, you also can drag module from this hook to other hook, then click Save Position.

JMS Fashion layout setting

2. Configure JMS Drop mega menu as this tutorial

3. Configure JMS Slideshow as this tutorial

4. Configure JMS product scroller as this tutorial

5. Configure Jms Custom Html Top: You can add html for Hook Top as you want

6. Configure Jms Custom Html Footer: You can add html for Hook Footer as you want

7. Configure Jms Social Links: You can add links for Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Youtube