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JMS product scroller

Step 1

How to install JMS Product Scroller module:

Download module, then you can install JMS Product Scroller module as tutorial here.

Step 2

How to configure JMS Product Scroller module:

1. Settings:

  • Source: Choose featured products or new products
  • Responsive: Turn on/off responsive mode
  • Total number of products: Total product will display on module
  • Number of products to be displayed: Define the number of products that you would like to display on homepage (default: 4)
  • Number of products to be scroll: Define the number of products to scroll (default: 4)
  • Slide Auto Play: Enable of Disable autp play
  • Slide Duration: speed of slide
  • Slide Width: width of slide if you turn off responsive
  • Short Desc Limit Character: Number character of short description to show
  • Show Add To Cart: Show or Hide Add to cart button.
  • Show Price: Show or Hide price
  • Show Short Desc: Show or Hide short description
JMS Product scroller setting